The Worst Things on the Internet

Ever since I started using a computer, the internet has been like a best friend, always ready to help. But, just like every friend, the internet also has some habits that trouble me.

From websites popping up messages again and again to videos that start playing with loud sound – there are many things that leave me surprised or annoyed.

Let’s talk about some of these habits that make me feel upset.

Everyone loves cookies, but what’s the deal with these irritating GDPR cookie pop-ups? Every time I open a website, they pop up like an uninvited guest at the party. Too much, yaar!

Then we have articles hiding behind paywalls. Imagine you’re in the middle of a thrilling cricket match, and right before the last ball, they ask you to pay to watch. That’s exactly how it feels!

And speaking of videos, have you noticed those that won’t go full screen? It’s like getting a king-size bed and sleeping on just one edge. Kaise chalega, bhai?

One thing that always makes me jump is videos that auto-play with sound. Imagine, there you are, silently scrolling, and suddenly a loud music video starts playing. A total shock to the system!

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Annoying pop-up ads between a text are like your friend who interrupts you every two minutes when you’re trying to tell a story. Itna interruption!

Let’s talk country restrictions too. Why can’t you watch content just because you’re in a different part of the world? It’s like not being allowed to eat a mango just because it’s grown in a different state!

And when websites keep asking to give them notification access, it feels like someone constantly poking you asking, “Will you be my friend?” Too much natak!

The “Read More” button on some sites feels like a never-ending TV serial, stretching a single scene into multiple episodes. And the steps you have to take to unsubscribe from email newsletters? It’s like trying to find your way out of an escape room!

Anti-adblock websites are like those party-crashing friends, refusing to leave even when you’ve started cleaning up. Seriously, respect some boundaries!

Ever tried setting a new password but couldn’t paste it in the fields? That’s like asking you to carry a heavy bag and not allowing you to put it down. So tiring!

Oh, and when you click a ‘Contact Us’ button and it opens your email client? It feels like dialling a number and suddenly having someone else’s phone ring!

Ever struggled to close a screen because you can’t click the background and have to find a tiny “X”? It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack!

And last but not least, let’s talk about pop-ups again. Between GDPR pop-up, newsletter pop-up, exit pop-up, full-page drop-down ad, discount pop-ups, contest pop-ups, it feels like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole! Is this internet surfing or a pop-up party?

Looks like we’ve hit quite a few bumps on our Internet journey, haven’t we?